Visualization of Time-based Multimodal Data

ChronoViz Release Notes

ChronoViz 2.0.2 Release Notes

  • Fixed problem where map was not showing up due to updated Google Maps API
  • Numerous bug fixes


  • Improved state saving
  • Improved performance for adjusting alignment of large data sets
  • Support for directly exporting frame images by right-clicking on "Point" annotations
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Crash when opening a file if the pen components were not installed
  • Crash after removing a linked video file
  • Crash when using "Annotation Playback" mode
  • Crash when removing timelines
  • Properly closes video windows when removing linked videos
  • Properly deals with videos with non-square pixels (e.g., anamorphic DV-encoded video)


  • Note: Files created with ChronoViz 2.0 are not compatible with earlier versions of ChronoViz
  • Note: With ChronoViz 2.0, the minimum system requirement has been raised to OS X 10.6
  • Public release of digital pen and paper capabilities
  • Consolidation of linked file management under the Linked Files window. This includes the removal of the Video Properties menu item, because this information can now be accessed through the Linked Files window
  • Support for saving named configurations of data views and filters
  • Support for general two-dimensional spatial data sets
  • Filters on timelines have a better interface
  • Timelines can now have a full-text search filter
  • Significant improvements to performance for data sets that have a large number of annotations
  • Time display can now be changed to show milliseconds
  • Numerous bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug that would result in data loss when using the "Revert to Backup" command under the file menu.
  • Fixed a bug where time series data would not respond to alignment
  • Consolidated where support files are stored
  • Added ability to label timelines


  • Added automatic update capability (provided by Sparkle). This includes new preferences and menu items
  • Fixed bug where zoom level was not remembered from session to session
  • Fixed a bug where map type was not remembered from session to session
  • Fixed bug where changing the data source would show an unnecessary alert
  • Fixed a bug where the playhead would become locked to a previously selected annotation
  • Fixed a bug where data sets would be missing from the view menu
  • Added overview visualization of annotations to the overview timeline that appears when zooming
  • Added ability to select regions in on-screen digital notes, and see the corresponding time points for the notes
  • Added ability to add notes in realtime using an Anoto digital pen
  • Added an option to display "Detail" in the Annotations table. This will show the entire annotation and all categories


  • Reverted to less efficient but more compatible video playback mechanism
  • Replaced rarely-used "Caption" field in annotations with support for "Keywords"
  • Added ability to synchronize data sets that have associated annotations(e.g., transcripts and digital notes) by right- or control- clicking on the annotations
  • Annotation shortcuts are now saved
  • When using the zoom tool on videos, the video zooms in to the point that is clicked
  • Added menu items for increasing and decreasing movie zoom
  • Added ability to re-order categories by dragging them in the "Edit Categories" window


  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.7.7 that would prevent ChronoViz from opening on Mac OS X 10.5
  • Fixed a bug that would appear when re-opening geographic data
  • Added ability to export and import categories
  • Added ability to synchronize transcript data imported from InqScribe
  • Added the display of duration to the hover window for duration annotations
  • Improved stability when displaying audio waveforms (note, there are still some bugs in the audio waveform display code)


  • Now checks for an internet connection before trying to upload log files. (Note: this doesn’t yet catch the case where there is an internet connection but it doesn’t allow FTP connections.)
  • Added a “Cancel” button in log upload dialog.
  • Added Playback Rate slider to main window.
  • Changed preference for “Playback Rate” to “Max Playback Rate”. This corresponds to the fastest rate on the slider.
  • Added preference for the action when using category shortcuts. It can now be changed to open up the Annotation Quick Editor.
  • Added preference for the action when double-clicking an annotation in the Annotations Table. It can now be changed to open the Annotation Inspector.
  • Added the display of User ID under the preferences Logging tab.
  • Added an “Add Timeline” button to the toolbar.
  • Enabled ChronoViz to be an option for opening movies when using a contextual menu in the Finder.
  • Added the ability to change the time display from “relative time” to “absolute time” by clicking on the current time display under the play button.
  • Added a shortcut for the Annotation Inspector (Command-I).
  • Added a shortcut for the Annotations Table (Command-T).
  • The Annotation Inspector now stays open when you save or delete annotations.
  • Text on the timeline will now be black if it is over a brightly colored annotation.
  • Added the ability to show multiple time-series on a single timeline.
  • Added support for backgrounds for Ethnographer++ notes data.
  • Added provisional support for Image Sequences.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug where the “step size” preference wouldn’t update the actual step size properly.
    • Fixed a bug where fractional step sizes wouldn’t work properly.
    • Fixed a bug where changing the “start time” of a movie would cause annotations to disappear.
    • Fixed a bug where annotations wouldn’t disappear from the timeline when deleted.
    • Fixed a bug where the annotation detail pop-up window would get bogged down when hovering over many closely spaced annotations
    • Fixed a bug where showing keyframes would occasionally cause a crash.
    • Fixed a bug where aligned CSV-based time-series would not be saved properly.
    • Fixed a bug where annotations wouldn’t be properly imported from CSV files.


  • Check to make sure notes file exists before printing
  • Remove extra export item from context menu


  • Add support for updating Bluetooth pen client and printing notes
  • Add support for exporting secondary videos
  • Add support for exporting individual annotations as clips


  • Added command-enter shortcut for entering annotations using the full annotation window


  • Bug fixes related to timeline navigation


  • Fix annotation pop-up images
  • Show progress for data file loading
  • Improve handling of large data files


  • Change name to ChronoViz
  • Improve category selection interface


  • XML Logging
  • Plugin Debugging Support
  • Reload Plugins Command
  • Plugin Default Data Sets


  • Support for importing Annotations from CSV files
  • Support for HH:MM timecodes in CSV files
  • CSV export now properly handles annotations with punctuation


  • Improved performance when resizing timelines
  • Improved stability when working with image sequences


  • Multiple videos in the main video viewer