Visualization of Time-based Multimodal Data

What is ChronoViz?

Visualize your data

ChronoViz is a tool to aid visualization and analysis of multimodal sets of time-coded information, with a focus on the analysis of video in combination with other data sources.

Want to see some examples? Look at the overview video or screenshots below.

ChronoViz was developed by Adam Fouse, while he was a member of the Distributed Cognition and Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of California, San Diego.

How do I get it?

To download ChronoViz, please click the link below.

Download ChronoViz 2.0.2 (3.6 MB)

Learn how to use it

For information on getting started with ChronoViz, please go to the ChronoViz Quick Start Guide. This should answer most of the basic questions about how to use ChronoViz.

Overview Video

Download Video: MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS

Example Screen Shots


Support for this project was partially provided by NSF Grant 0729013, “DHB: A Multiscale Framework for Analyzing Activity Dynamics”.